the Trail maintenance Crew is the backbone of combo

Simply put, without the trail maintenance crew, we wouldn't have rad trails to ride or be able to keep our 88 miles of trail in top-tier shape.

The landowners bestow access and permission, but our team of dedicated COMBO volunteers are the ones who actually puts shovel to dirt. The Trail Maintenance Crew works relentlessly to maintain everything and it truly is a labor of love. From digging drains and drying up mud puddles, to building bridges and re-routing troublesome areas, the workload is never ending.

That’s why it’s so important to keep it going. That’s also why we need you, whether on a trail day or through sustained membership, any contributions are an important piece of a larger trail puzzle.

Ready to jump in, get your hands dirty? Click here to sign up and join the trail maintenance crew or sign up for BAND updates here.

Did you ride today and come across a downed log or broken feature? Let us know by reporting the issue here.

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Upcoming Trail Days

Chainsaw Training

Saturday, April 6
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Horace R. Collins class room and Alum Creek State Park

P2 Trail Day

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Alum Creek Phase 2 Parking Lot

Latest trail Projects

Trek Trail Day
Trek Trail Day

Recent projects completed at Chestnut Ridge by our amazing partners at Trek Columbus means that the wet weather loop at CR gets to stay open, longer! Installing culverts and cutting in re-routes give it a better chance to drain quickly and be rideable.

Specialized Trail Day
Specialized Trail Day

We had the crew from the Specialized warehouse out to knock out TEN problem areas at Gnomewood. Knocking out so many projects in one day made Gnomewood sparkle! The enthusiasm for this magical 1.5 mile loop continues to grow as we expand.

Boy Scout Trail Day
Boy Scout Trail Day

Troop #887 got together with the crew at Alum Creek and the Adaptive Sports Connection to create an inclusive, .3 mile loop. THis loop is specifically geared towards those in adaptive mountain bikes and gave Gavin his Eagle Scout Badge.

Want to help with Trail maintenance?

These trails don’t maintain themselves. It’s your hard work, sweat, and donations that keep these trails in premium shape. Without folks dedicating their time and energy into digging ditches, placing drains, laying gravel and bricks, they’d all be a muddy mess. 

It’s not always glamorous, but trail days are always FUN and family friendly! Why not come out and get your hands dirty, meet some new friends, get your hands dirty, and help us make these trails better and more sustainable.

To join the trail maintenance crew, click here.

Are you our next trail leader or trail steward?

COMBO is always looking for folks with a passion that we can turn into commitment. Currently, we are looking for dedicated and driven people to help oversee the trail maintenance at:

Chestnut Ridge Mountain Bike Trail

Berliner Skills Park and Mountain Bike Trail

If you are interested or would like to know more, please reach out to our trail coordinator.

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