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Unique and special skills also have a place in our volunteer base! COMBO is constantly looking for people to enlist their non-shovel and non-bike related skills in furthering our mission. Trails and riding are at the core of what we do but it takes a village to keep it all going.

To ensure the trails and events continue for the generation of riders that come after us, COMBO is always looking to utilize talent that extends beyond the bike realm. Advocacy, fundraising, marketing, and event planning are just some specialties we continually need to keep fresh, and that means retaining people with skills and talents outside of shredding the gnar. Our continued success is completely grounded in the passion of our volunteers and adding your fire to the COMBO stoke will take us even further!

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Trail Maintenance Crew:

Come get your hands dirty! The COMBO Trail Maintenance Crew maintains the trails that have seen an increase in usage of upwards of 400% since 2019. The only way we keep up is with your help! Whether it’s digging ditches, hauling gravel, or building bridges, the work isn’t glamorous, but it is well worth it. Trail karma is real, and putting in some hard-earned hours is one way to guarantee your spot in the trail stewards hearts forever.

Ready to jump in, get your hands dirty? Click here to sign up and join the trail maintenance crew or sign up for BAND updates here.

Race & Event crew:

Set up and tear down of races can be a real pain but with your help it can feel effortless. Taping courses, setting up the pit areas, and the all important clean up after are just some invaluable functions a race crew volunteer can look forward to performing. It’s not always about the glory of the podium, on race day the real winners are the volunteers who put their time into putting on a first-class event.

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Bike Patrol:

Are you CPR or Wilderness First Aid Certified? Do you want to be? Do you have the time to dedicate at least 30 hours a year with a few weekends to become part of Bike Patrol? Our Bike Patrol volunteers ride local trails, sweep races, and offer medical and mechanical support to our COMBO trails.

If you are interested in joining the bike patrol, please reach out to our Unit Co-Ordinator.

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