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Just a friendly reminder that Chestnut Ridge MetroPark has a hard close. Please plan accordingly to help support our great relationship with Metro Parks Staff.

Masks are required at Chestnut Ridge per Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks

Chestnut Ridge Metro Park is home to the Chestnut Ridge mountain bike trail. The full mountain bike trail is over nine miles long and is a stacked loop system, the inner loop is the beginner/intermediate trail and the outer loop is the advanced trail.  More Cowbell is the expert gravity/flow trail and is for expert riders only.

You should expect steep climbs, most notably a switchback climb up to the Apple Barn, followed by several flowy descents as you ride along the heavily wooded trail. A few bridges, banked turns, several log-overs, and a couple short sections of sandstone cobble can be found along this trail.  We just opened a new gravity/flow trail, More Cowbell, in June 2016.  This is an expert trail with rollers, big berms and big drops, and the gravity/flow trail, More Cowbell.

The trail is fast and is for expert riders only. The trail is only to be ridden clockwise and is only for mountain bike use (no hiking or running is allowed on the trail). Chestnut Ridge access is managed by Metro Parks, so please check COMBO's trail conditions page or Metro Parks’ trail hotline (614-837-8760) before heading out to ride.

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