Our Mission

Create, Advocate & Preserve Quality Mountain biking in Central Ohio.

Create, Advocate & Preserve...
But what does that mean?

COMBO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer-led organization with the main goals of trail advocacy and mountain bike education.

We create a community that revolves around the trails you know and love. This means dirt school and friendly competition in the FUNduro Mountain Bike Race Series, to Group rides that include even the newest of our community. Creating a place where everyone with a mountain bike in Central Ohio can ride and ride with confidence!

Advocacy takes place on every level! From the local metro parks, to the state wide Ohio trails partnership, COMBO has been leading the charge for access and permission from every level of government. It's a privilege to be able to help build and help maintain these trails we call home, and we couldn't do that without being at the heart of the discussion.

Preserving means more than just trail maintenance. Ensuring that trails and access to trails remains for generations to come is at the center of what we do and why we do it. Sustainable mountain biking, trail maintenance, and growth of the sport is what drives us to keep moving forward in our mission in every aspect.

Our Current Goals

Alum Creek Trail Connector to break ground in 2022

More Cowbell Make Over by Dave Huff of Innovations Dirt Solutions

Partner with more MTB Organizations to expand community events

Expand access to rider education & more certified MTB members!

Growth through Local Advocacy and Partnerships

The Central Ohio Mountain Biking Organization has been at the forefront of advocacy when it comes to getting kids on bikes and expanding access for our user group. Growing the next generation of riders into responsible and forward-thinking trail stewards gives us the motivation to continue to expand into areas that remain untapped. Establishing relationships with various trail groups from their inception gives both organizations the strength and sustainability it takes to keep our community moving in the right direction. Whether it’s organizing races, fundraising, sponsorship, or getting our hands dirty, COMBO is invested in the community throughout Central Ohio and beyond.

Recent Trail Projects

Trek Trail Day
Trek Trail Day

Recent projects completed at Chestnut Ridge by our amazing partners at Trek Columbus means that the wet weather loop at CR gets to stay open, longer! Installing culverts and cutting in re-routes give it a better chance to drain quickly and be rideable.

Specialized Trail Day
Specialized Trail Day

We had the crew from the Specialized warehouse out to knock out TEN problem areas at Gnomewood. Knocking out so many projects in one day made Gnomewood sparkle! The enthusiasm for this magical 1.5 mile loop continues to grow as we expand.

Boy Scout Trail Day
Boy Scout Trail Day

Troop #887 got together with the crew at Alum Creek and the Adaptive Sports Connection to create an inclusive, .3 mile loop. THis loop is specifically geared towards those in adaptive mountain bikes and gave Gavin his Eagle Scout Badge.

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