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Each Central Ohio Mountain Biking Organization membership directly impacts your local mountain bike community. More members equals more race events, more dirt schools, and more trails!


Why Become a MEmber of the central ohio mountain bike organization?

As a member of COMBO you're directly contributing to our volunteers ability help maintain and build new trails. With COMBO being all volunteer organization, every single dollar from your membership goes directly back into the trails and events that you love.

Everything we do is for the trails and your membership allows us to advocate for more land access, it helps us develop relationships with land managers, and partner with local EMT/first responders to make our trails better and safer.

Ready to become part of the legacy that's building the best MTB scene in Ohio? Become a COMBO member today!

A Little Goes A Long Way when it comes to becoming a combo member

Not sure what level is right for you? If every weekly trail user contributed $15/month, we would easily be able to fund our operations, maintain all existing local trails and construct more new trails each year.



Buys a new rouge hoe



Buys 20 pressure treated 2x4's



Buys 1 ton of 304 gravel



Buys 100' of corrugated drain pipe



Buys a shiny new chainsaw

Prefer to give once for the whole year? Click here to visit our annual member signup page.
Are you a local business owner looking to give back? Check out our Partnership page.

How your combo membership impacts our community

helps Fund NEW and exciting projects

Like the Alum Creek Connector Trail, more cowbell update or additions to the Berliner Singletrack.


Your membership helps buy and maintain the needed tools and equipment your COMBO Trail Crew needs.


Your membership helps us purchase the safety equipment needed for volunteers to wear while working on the trails.

Fund Dirt School and Rider Education

Help build the community from the ground up by making sure Dirt School has the skills and resources to bring you top-tier education.

Fund awesome mountain biking events in ohio

Help fund and maintain our race timing equipment and the other equipment or training needed to put on a successful race event.

Ohio Trails Partnership

Our spot on the Ohio Trails Partnership, which gives us more influence when talking with state legislatures and officials regarding trail access.

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Looking to represent COMBO and look fly at the trailhead? We have a limited selection of tee shirts, hoodies and tote bags available on our merch store.

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Other Ways to Support Us

You don't have to become a COMBO member to help support Central Ohio Trails. There are plenty of other ways to support the organization.

We’re set up to take donations via PayPal Donation so select us as your charity and feel good every time you ride our trails!
See an immediate need or just have some extra cash that’s burning a hole in your pocket? You can help #fundthetrail with a one time donation.

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