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COMBO partners are integral to furthering our mission. Going beyond sponsorship, they add intangible benefits to our ridership and our trails.

Our Partners are helping us Build a strong mountain biking Community

Our community is part of what makes COMBO such a great mountain biking organization, but its our partners who really help us to build it.

From hosting trail days to donating time, money, or gear, we couldn't do what we do without their collaboration. We are proud to call the companies below partners and can't thank them enough for their help and support.

Interested in partnering with COMBO? Let us know here

Thanks To Our Partners

Media Contributions

We would like to shout out and thank the people below for their photographic and video contributions for the website:
ODNR, Mollie Berberich, Brian Ambrosio, Olaf Roa, Scott Schumaker, James Larimer, Melany Lowe, Ryan Hughes and Dan Monnig.

recent partner projects

Trek Trail Day
Trek Trail Day

Recent projects completed at Chestnut Ridge by our amazing partners at Trek Columbus means that the wet weather loop at CR gets to stay open, longer! Installing culverts and cutting in re-routes give it a better chance to drain quickly and be rideable.

Specialized Trail Day
Specialized Trail Day

We had the crew from the Specialized warehouse out to knock out TEN problem areas at Gnomewood. Knocking out so many projects in one day made Gnomewood sparkle! The enthusiasm for this magical 1.5 mile loop continues to grow as we expand.

Boy Scout Trail Day
Boy Scout Trail Day

Troop #887 got together with the crew at Alum Creek and the Adaptive Sports Connection to create an inclusive, .3 mile loop. THis loop is specifically geared towards those in adaptive mountain bikes and gave Gavin his Eagle Scout Badge.

Partnership Impact on our Community

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