regardless of your skill level, our weekly group mountain bike rides are made FOR fun!

From a small handful to groups as big as 30, group mountain bike rides are a choose-your-own-adventure! With all skill levels welcomed and encouraged to participate, no one gets left behind, no one is “too slow”, and absolutely everyone has a good time. Committed to this are our fearless group leaders. From expert riders, to Dirt School Instructors, leading these rides is just as important as sweeping them. Come out and find out what we’re all about.

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What does "no-drop" mean exactly?

At a group ride hosted by COMBO, you won’t get left behind because the person sweeping is on a mission to make sure we all have a good time. Various lengths of trails get utilized, including shortcuts and emergency routes, so that way we can be certain everyone makes it back to the trail head with a smile on their face. Our volunteer group leaders tend to split into groups naturally, based on experience and skill, so there's a space and a pace for everyone. There’s no shame in taking shorter routes, walking tricky sections, or getting passed by someone faster. It’s all about the community and being a part of something FUN! All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged!

#Women Crush Wednesday

Come and meet some amazing she-redders and slay-dies at this No-Drop Group Ride. Available at both Alum Creek and Great Seal on Wednesday evenings, this group ride is specifically for people of marginalized genders including trans women, non-binary folks, and cis women. With a goal of creating a safe space and community to enjoy the Central Ohio mountain biking scene, this ride is easygoing and super encouraging to folks who may not typically feel welcome in the traditional cycling scene. We session obstacles, ride at party pace, and there’s always tons of snacks, so come out and join the raddest group ride in town.

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