We build and Maintain some of Ohio's Best Mountain Bike Trails

People often say there's no decent mountain biking trails in Central Ohio, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Right here in the middle of Ohio, you can find over 88 of the most memorable miles of mountain biking trails. Ranging from easy breezy beginner trails to gnarly black diamond rippers, there's truly a little something for everyone!

Wanna ride somewhere new or find some new people to ride with? Check out our group rides page.

Looking to get some good trail karma and help out with trail maintenance? Click here to join the trail maintenance crew or sign up for BAND updates.

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Don't forget your manners out there on the trail

If the trails are green, don't forget to practice good trail etiquette! Below are some simple suggestions to make everyones experience on our mountain bike trails more enjoyable.

- Always wear a helmet!
- Let a rider know you are coming through. Signal when passing!
- Hikers/Runners should go in the opposite direction as bikers.
- Always have a map handy, use mtbprojects.com or snap a photo of the kiosk.
- Be prepared! Bring water, snacks and maybe even a small first aid kit.
- Ensure pets are leashed at all times.
- Don't disturb the wildlife. Stay on the trails.
- Always be patient and kind with other riders and trail users.
- If you find yourself in an emergency situation, STAY PUT, and call 911 immediately!
- Know your limits and HAVE FUN!

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