The FUNduro series brings the best of enduro mountain bike racing to your backyard. Friendly competition and an enthusiastic community are the hallmarks of every event in this series.

Born out a pure love for enduro mountain bike racing, the spread of venues around Ohio make for the exciting scene that is the FUNduro Mountain Bike Race Series. Bringing together non-profit mountain bike organizations from all around Ohio, each race has something for everyone with Open, Sport, and Novice categories.

Never raced before? Check out our race day instructions.

If you have any questions about any of the races or events, please feel free to reach out to our Race Director.

Upcoming FUNDURO events

Tuscazoar FUNduro

Sunday, June 30

Star Hill Funduro

Sunday, July 21

Devou Frienduro

Sunday, August 4

Great Seal FUNduro

Sunday, August 18

How the Funduro mountain bike races work & What to expect

Our FUNduro Race Series uses the enduro mountain bike style of racing where racers will ride mostly technical downhill stages to get a total race time. You will pedal the transfer stages, but won't be timed. The stages are timed from a start point to a finish point, using the industry leading Sportident air + timing.

When you roll up to your first stage you will be greeted by a volunteer who will signal you to start. We space racers at least 30 seconds apart, but if you need more time, let volunteers know. Please check out the race day instructions below for more details.


Check in at Race HQ at the designated time.

Give your name and get a wristband.

Place the wristband on your right wrist and adjust to make a tight fit. 

Ride the course, in the recommended order.

Return the chip to Race HQ.

Give officials your name and when requested, drop the chip in the reader (see image).

Go relax and enjoy a well earned beverage before podiums. Podiums are usually held 20mins after the last racer checks in.


Allow the rider in front lead time as to avoid passing.

Ride straight past the start timer.

Move over if being passed, call out if passing.

Continue the stage, even if you make a mistake.

Allow the rider in front lead time as to avoid passing.

Ride straight through (and past) the finish timer.

Help an injured rider and let race officials know ASAP.


Hang out around the timers. 

Repeat a Stage or back track through a gate.

Forget to be kind and thank our partners & volunteers

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