Alum Creek Phase 1 (P1)

Trail Description

The granddaddy of Central Ohio mountain biking, Phase 1, P1 for short, is COMBO's first trail. P1 was built in the early 1990s and is still a favorite for Central Ohio riders. This 5.5-mile trail is designated as a beginner/intermediate trail. There are plenty of roots, bridges, and an optional creek crossing to keep the ride interesting. P1 is considered by many to be the most technically demanding trail in central Ohio solely because of the roots.  Bridges are relatively low & wide (compared to P2) but the roots are non-stop!

This trail is particularly impacted by wet weather due its heavy usage and soil composition, so please give the trail a couple days to dry out after rain. The normal riding direction on the trail is counterclockwise. Be sure to check COMBO's trail conditions updates before heading out to use the trail.

Beginner Loop

There is also a 1.7 mile beginner trail across the street from the P1 parking lot. The trail is a lollipop (an out-and-back with a loop on the end) and the loop is ridden clockwise.

Like all riding in Central Ohio and especially at the Alum Creek trails, expect to encounter rocks, roots, bridges and mud.  So what makes this a 'Beginner' trail?  Well... it's short.  It's a great introduction to single-track mountain biking for beginners and also serves as an excellent warm-up before tackling the full P1 loop.