Meet the Board - Cameron Reagan

Cameron is our resident dare devil, dreamer and Trail Chair. He started building features as soon as he was big enough to hold a shovel.  All these years of digging in the dirt has given Cameron has a great amount of expertise and understanding on how jumps, tabletops and other features need to be built for maximum fun and flow!  

22289741_1396827830434967_6301084891753286251_o (1).jpg

Cameron has been riding and racing mountain bikes for 5 years with a background in motocross and BMX that spans back to his childhood. He has been volunteering for COMBO for a few years and this is his first year serving on the COMBO Board. Cameron wanted to be on the board to bring a new flavor of enduro to Columbus by creating more expert lines with jumps and berms. His goals are to finish the CR flow trail make and support other trails in creating more expert features. Cameron hopes to have a lead role in the design of the new Berliner Bike Park.   He also plans on becoming a certified mountain bike instructor and helping out at Dirt Schools.  

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