Alum Creek Phase 2 (P2)

Trail Description

Alum Creek Phase 2 (P2) has quickly become the most heavily ridden trail in Central Ohio. Phase 2 was originally designed for more advanced riders and features some relatively narrow bridges ("skinnies"). As a newer trail than P1, it tends to flow a little better & not have quite as many exposed roots.  Some technical sections are optional, but newer riders should be prepared for challenges including numerous bridges and logovers.

P2 is home to a few longer bridges, a banked wall turn & a signature section of elevated trail.  At ~5.5 miles, it's ridden as one continuous loop and is a shared trail with the occasional hiker or trail runner.

Phase 2 will usually dry more quickly than Phase 1 after rain, but still may take a day or two to be ready. Be sure to check COMBO's trail conditions updates before heading out to ride.