2016 Dirt School/Clinics Re-cap

I always tell my students to look where you want to go.  But for now we are going to take a look back at all learning opportunities COMBO offered in 2016.  We stayed busy this year offering Dirt Schools, a women's mountain bike camp and kids clinic.  

Dirt School just wrapped up its second year!  Our Certified IMBA instructors taught over 100 adults and children the fundamentals of mountain biking and took them on guided trail rides. This year we offered 2 Dirt Schools at Chestnut Ridge.  Our students learned basic mountain bike skills, trail safety and etiquette.  We covered body position, braking, shifting, climbing and bike/body separation.  We practiced those skills in an open field and then put those skills to the test on a guided trail ride.


In August, we partnered up with The Lady Gnar Shredders for a Women’s Weekend Mountain Bike Camp at Lake Hope.  We had IMBA certified instructors and professional mountain bikers that taught women of all levels.   We went over the fundamentals of mountain biking and then split into groups based on their skill level.  We covered everything from the most basic skills to learning how to jump, landing drops and carving turns.  

In September we partnered up with Gators Mountain Bike Park and offered a Kidz Skillz Clinic before the OMBC mountain bike race at Chestnut Ridge.  We taught them the same skills as our adult Dirt School and had fun obstacles for them to gain confidence and practice their new skills.  

Our IMBA Certified Ride Instructors are already planning for next year. We are kicking around the idea of reviving our next level class Shred School and might even use the Gnomewood Trail once it's complete.  

Have any suggestions, opinions or ideas?  Let us know in the comments.  Now lets go ride and remember to look where you want to go!
Happy Trails,
Our reach is much wider than Central Ohio!  

Our reach is much wider than Central Ohio!