COMBO is excited to update everyone on the Central Ohio Greenways project in partnership with City of Columbus Recreation and Parks and invite mountain bikers to turn out in support of the project at a community meeting on June 2nd, 5:30pm-8pm at the Whetstone Park of Roses.  

For more than a year, we've been advocating on behalf of the Central Ohio mountain biking community to formalize a trail network along the Olentangy Trail.  For those not familiar with specifics of the Olentangy Trail, it's 13 miles of paved surface connecting communities and neighborhoods from Worthington, through OSU, into the downtown area at Confluence Park.  (Click HERE to visit the Central Ohio Greenways site) Along this corridor, there are many sectors that would lend themselves to sustainably built, natural surface trails. 

COMBO partnered with the City of Columbus to initiate a feasibility study and secure IMBA Trail Solutions (click HERE for more information about IMBA Trail Solutions) to explore next steps in the project.  IMBA Trail solutions representatives will be in Columbus the first week of June to ride the Greenway trails, explore terrain & trail options and meet with members of the community.  Your input matters and this community meeting is an opportunity to voice your support for more trails!  

In addition to the Olentangy Trail, the Scioto Trail & Alum Creek Trails are also being examined as part of the feasibility study.  If you take a second to find those trails on the map above, you'll notice that those are LONG sections of trails near very densely populated areas with a LOT of potential new riders.  Simply put, this project has the potential to explode mountain bike riding opportunities in Central Ohio.  Imagine having a local trail within riding distance of where many of you live.

Skills Parks located along the Olentangy, Scioto & Alum Creek Trails are also a focus of the study.

This marks the first significant opportunity to partner with the City of Columbus Recreation and Parks for a mountain biking project.  (The Alum Creek trails are on State Park land & Chestnut Ridge is a MetroParks partnership.)  The City of Columbus has made great strides in evolving to a modern, bike-friendly community with increased access to riding opportunities throughout Central Ohio.  COMBO is very appreciative of their support and interest in the mountain bike community and this is an exciting move forward!

See you on June 2nd!

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