Top 3 Things You Can Do to Support Local Mountain Biking

If you're reading this you have at least a passing interest in Central Ohio Mountain Biking.  Maybe cycling in general, but probably like us, you share a passion for dirt.  Not just dirt but flying through tight, twisty single track setting up your line to smoke the next trail obstacle.  Maybe you just love being in the woods and the stillness of a quiet morning when you seemingly have the trails to yourself.  Either way, you're one of us.

What do you need from us? How can we help?

One of the advantages of being part of a non-profit our size is that we have the opportunity to engage with different stake-holders in the cycling community.  From metro-parks & land managers to bike shops and other cycling organizations in the greater Columbus area, COMBO regularly engages with others to enhance riding opportunities for everyone.  We usually ask some variation of, "What do you need from us?  How can we help?"  We contribute resources; time, effort, sweat (sometimes a little blood... hopefully just a little) and lend visibility to those things that can add to the cycling community.  

Now it's our turn to ask for help.  I'll turn the questions outward; What do we need from you?  How can you help?  Hopefully you'll keep reading and consider the following as part of our Spring Membership Drive.

1.)  Join COMBO an IMBA Chapter.

For roughly the cost of a knobby tire, you can take one of the most important steps to supporting local mountain biking in Ohio.  To be clear, though, it's not about the money.  Numbers matter when we're fighting to secure resources and demonstrate the support for natural trails in our region.  Joining COMBO lends your voice to the effort.  Click HERE to join!

Spring Membership Drive!

Join during the Spring Membership Drive & you'll be entered to win a sweet Scott Genius 750 valued at $2499

Join during the Spring Membership Drive & you'll be entered to win a sweet Scott Genius 750 valued at $2499

Join COMBO & you'll be entered to win a great bike! The SCOTT Genius 750 boasts a super light 6061 custom butted alloy frame. The series comes fully equipped with a Rock Shox Monarch RL Air shock and a Rock Shox Sektor TK Solo Air fork with Lockout, and performance selected Syncros components. *Lawyer dudes say this has to be here... RULES & REGULATIONS.

Join COMBO during the Spring Membership drive & also be entered to win 2 VIP tickets for Burning Can on Friday, July 17. 

Here’s what a VIP ticket will include:

  • Two VIP tickets plus a guided ride with theBike Farm
  • Priority camping on July 17 & 18
  • Access to VIP Brewer’s Party in the REEB Ranch barn during the Friday night concert – includes beer and dinner
  • Trolley trip on Saturday morning to Oskar Blues Brewery
  • Opportunity to create a unique specialty cask with an Oskar Blues brewer
  • Private tour of Oskar Blues Brewery with a brewer
  • Private tasting of Oskar Blues beer with a brewer
  • Entrance to the Burning Can Beer Festival

2.) Get Involved

Once you've joined, the next key step is to Get Involved.  A great way to get involved in a way that directly impacts everyone right at the heart of what we do it to show up at a Trail Work Day. We're fortunate to have some amazing trail builders with years of experience.  But that's not what makes the trails special.  It's the average rider who's passionate about mountain biking who can work the business end of a rake or shovel.  If you're good with a chainsaw, we should meet!  Love gardening?  You'll love trail building.

There are many other ways to get involved.  There are Grant-Writing teams, project management groups, event planners, marketing groups, photographers & bloggers, gift-wrappers during the holidays, etc.  The opportunities to volunteer your time & efforts are countless.  Getting involved is, in many ways, more important than joining.  COMBO is in a phase of growth where we're building organizational capacity.  Many hands make light work and we'd be excited to help find a way for you to get involved.  Click HERE to get Involved!

3.)  Donate.

We have some very generous donors.  Let me begin this section by saying, Thank You!  Without your support, we wouldn't have the tools to build trails.  We wouldn't have the ability to have a cook-out at the Summer Solstice event or Comboween.  We wouldn't be able to re-build kiosks or generate grants or do any of the other things we do to build and maintain local mountain bike trails.  Organizations need money to survive.

In early 2014, we voted as a Chapter to join IMBA.  This was one of those defining moments as an organization where you choose a new path.  Looking back, it was a great decision.  We enjoy more support than we've ever had before.  We have more members than ever before.  But part of that decision involves a membership dues revenue split with IMBA.  Donating directly to COMBO ensure that those dollars go directly toward supporting local trails.  

From a purely financial perspective, the best thing you can do is "Join AND Donate" directly to COMBO.  Although we appreciate those who join at a higher membership level, that additional money above the basic membership level gets split with IMBA.  Joining at the basic level and donating $20, $50, $100 directly to COMBO results in that money being used solely for local support.  Click HERE to Donate.

Thank You for Your Support.

With your help, COMBO is excited to support local mountain biking for everyone in the greater Columbus area.  We're right on the cusp of a lot of exciting things happening for local riders but it's only made possible through the efforts of all the amazing volunteers who bring these opportunities to life.  Without Trails, Where Would You Ride?  And more importantly, without you, there would be no trails!

See you on the trails!

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