Pssst . . . Want a T-shirt?

Hi, my name is Dan Fausey.  I’m COMBO’s new President, and I’d like to give you a T-shirt.

(I can only give you the Black or Grey.  Let me know if you want to learn how to get the Red)

See, we have these cool T-shirts that we give to supporters of all types who help us grow and develop mountain biking in central Ohio, by lending their strength and resources in whichever way they can.

But it’s more than a cool T-shirt.  It’s a badge of honor and the mark of our tribe. 

See, the shirt tells the world that you’re a Trailbuilder – someone willing to stand up and protect the precious mountain biking trails that we have fought hard to get and grow.  The shirt says that you pitched in to make mountain biking happen – you didn’t just sit back and wait for someone to give you trails, you got your own hands dirty!

Black shirt in action on a trail day

Black shirt in action on a trail day

For me, there is no finer feeling than wearing your T-shirt to the trails and hearing “thanks” from those riding by.

But more than the pride of contributing, this shirt is a badge of fellowship.  When you wear the shirt, you join a dedicated community of mountain bikers, who come together in support of the sport that we all love.  The shirt shows that you have earned the right to call yourself a “Trailbuilder.”  And when you wear it, you are an ambassador not only of COMBO, but of the whole mountain biking community.

Plus, once you have earned the shirt, you are invited to party at events with other Trailbuilders, including National Mountain Bike Patrol Members, and COMBO Board Members.

So, what does it take to be a Trailbuilder?  Well, you have to stand up and lend whatever talents you have, whether by spending time with a shovel in the dirt, or an eye on the barbecue at one of our events, or behind the keyboard typing a grant application, or by financial or in-kind contributions.

COMBO Members attend community meetings too

COMBO Members attend community meetings too

Our motto this year at COMBO is “community.”  We want everybody to be a part of our organization.  And for those who are already members, we want you to feel like you can pitch in however you are able – it’s your organization after all!  Want to see something happen?  Don’t talk about it, do it!

So, ask yourself, “How can I help?”  What skills do you have that you can lend?   Can you run an event?  How about working a gift wrapping table?  Can you operate a spreadsheet?  Can you run a chainsaw?  Are you an artist, an accountant, a landscaper, a mechanic, a race organizer, an entrepreneur, or a lawyer?  We need all of those skills and more. 

Gift wrapping at REI - Grey shirt in action!

Gift wrapping at REI - Grey shirt in action!

If you’re too busy to lend your labor, maybe you can make a contribution of money – every nickel helps.  Or maybe you can make an in-kind donation of fill dirt, lumber, or tools. 

Here’s how it works: you can be a Trailbuilder with a cumulative donation of nine hours of time or $200 of cash or in-kind donations.  COMBO will recognize your effort with the Trailbuilder shirt and an invitation to a couple of exclusive events per year.  There will also be a “Trailbuilder Elite” for those who go above and beyond. 

Not sure how to help?  Come to our monthly Board meeting sometime – they are listed under Events on Facebook and  Also, watch the events page for trail work and other volunteer opportunities.  Better yet, reach out to me at and let me know what you can do to help! 


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