10 Things COMBO Wants for Christmas

Dear Santa,

We've been good this year (for the most part).  Certainly more good than the other.  Here are 10 Things that we would like for Christmas, in no particular order.

1.) Dropper Post

A dropper is one of those accessories that you don't realize how awesome it is until you use it or until one of your riding buddies gets one & won't shut up about how awesome it is.

2.) A Dry Spring

Ohio has four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall & Depression.  Nothing is worse than making it through the worst parts of winter only to have the temps increase with moments of beautiful sunshine and the trails are a crappy, wet disaster.  We want to ride when the weather breaks.  Make it happen.

3.) More COMBO Members

Members are the lifeblood of our organization.  Too many people wrongly believe that the parks build & maintain trails and that mountain biking is supported by their tax dollars.  Although we enjoy support from the parks in terms of permission, local trails were built by & are maintained by local volunteers from COMBO.  If you love mountain biking as much as we do, please consider joining and volunteering to help.  It matters.

4.) Lights for Night Riding

Riding at night opens up a whole new world of mountain biking awesomeness!

Riding at night opens up a whole new world of mountain biking awesomeness!

Lights (either bike mounted or helmet mounted) open up a whole new world of mountain biking. Ripping single-track at night through a small tunnel of light is a thrill unlike anything else.  

5.) More Trails!!!

Santa, we could use some Christmas magic on this one.  COMBO is currently working on a beginner trail project at Prairie Oak and we're heavily engaged with both Metro Parks as well as Parks & Rec and we're making headway.  We've never been more optimistic for opening up more riding opportunities in Central Ohio.  Stay tuned for more info!

6.) Skratch

Learning to properly eat & drink while riding can make a world of difference in your riding.

Too many riders confuse 'fitness fatigue' with 'nutritional fatigue' and can't tell the difference when they start to fade on the trail.  How many times have you or someone in your riding group thought, "Man, I'm not in very good shape!" when what what you really needed was better nutrition and hydration?  Learn to eat & hydrate for riding!  Personally, I recommend Skratch because they not only offer great hydration products, but they teach you how to eat. If you haven't checked them out, you really should.  Your riding will probably go to a whole new level.

7.) GoPro.  Attached to a Drone.

Santa, I want a drone.  I really, really want a drone.  Attached to a GoPro.  I'll be so good next year. Please, please, please.  

8.) Carbon anything.

Bars, saddle... whatever.  Anything light.  Granted, I need to lose 10-20lbs myself but if I could lighten up my trusty steed, that would surely help, right?  Right?

9.) Fat Bike.

This is a throw-back to childhood when all the neighborhood kids had that one cool thing that you coveted.  FAT BIKES, Santa.  We all want Fat Bikes.  Get it done.

10.) Time to Ride.

Life's so busy.  Work, family commitments, etc... what we all want is more time to ride.  Maybe we just need the occasional reminder that we need to get our priorities right and just get on our bikes.  Yeah, maybe that's what we really need in the coming year.

What are you hoping to see under the tree this year?  Share in the Comments below & Happy Holidays from your Friends at COMBO!

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